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Rascal 0.17.x release notes

09 Mar 2020 - Jurgen J. Vinju and Paul Klint

In this post we report on the Rascal release 0.17.x, which includes all changes since the 0.16.x releases.

Release 0.17.0 - March 16th, 2020

The 0.15.x releases served as daily pre-releases for 0.17.0, while 0.16.x was a stable release which included all patches since 0.10.0. The releases between 0.10.0 and 0.16.0 have mainly been concerned with bootstrapping and minor bugfixes.

The current release 0.17.x is a step towards bootstrapping the Rascal compiler and making the new static checker (type checker) available.

The static checker:

  • checks all features of Rascal
  • is written in Rascal using the TypePal framework
  • is activated on “project clean” and “file save”
  • runs for now in the Rascal interpreter and may be slow on bigger projects (this is transitional, so bear with us)
  • enables editor features such as hover-help and jump-to-definition in Eclipse, based on the state of the file after the last “save”
  • using the Eclipse Preferences: Eclipse > Preferences > Rascal > Enable Rascal Compiler, type checking can be turned on or off

Also in this release significant steps have been made towards Rascal project deployment:

  • In RASCAL.MF, Use Required-Libraries: |lib://myDependency| to declare projects you depend on
  • Declare a project using Project-Name: projectName in RASCAL.MF
  • The |lib://name| scheme always resolves to the root of a jar or target folder for a project with that name
  • Eclipse, maven and Junit use the above information to configure interpreter and compiler search paths correctly
  • The starting point is the JVM classpath: every RASCAL.MF file found on this path leads to a loadable library
  • IDEs such as Eclipse dynamically resolve lib:// references to respective project’s target folders if so required

Other notable changes:

  • all static errors and warnings in the standard library have been resolved
  • general code cleanup
  • resolved many issues (thanks all for reporting!)
  • various performance improvements